Product description

A mat representing wanderlust. For the ones who want to explore, who want to know, learn and discover more. Take your mat on your adventures, knowing you have a safe space to return to and reconnect you, to you. May this mat inspire you to explore this place we call home but also inspire you to explore and discover the world that lives within you. There is always more to be uncovered.

Technical description

  • Made from Natural Rubber + Polyurethane (Vegan)
  • Dimensions: 1850 mm x 680 mm x 2 mm



You give me so much inspiration. Thank you.


Hey Jessica just wanted you to let you know what a huge inspiration you are to me….I feel a huge change in my mindset and how I handle challenges and you definitely contribute to my growth and me wanting to keep pushing. Thank you for being you and showing that honestly.❤️